Preventive Dentistry & Periodontal Care in Newport Beach, CA

Preventive Dental Care and Periodontal Health

Dentist looking at an x-ray taken as part of preventive dentistry therapy to catch issues early before they become problems. At our Newport Beach dental practice, we implement state of the art imaging like digital x-rays, intraoral cameras, and ConeBeam scans to enhance our preventive dentistry services such as exams and disease screening process. Through early diagnosis and preventive therapies, we’re able to limit and efficiently treat conditions in their earliest stages.

Dr. John B. Chrispens is a board-certified periodontal specialist; as such, preventive dentistry therapies are extremely important to us.

Continuing Care Appointments

Did you know that it only takes 90 days for bacteria to regrow in areas under the gums and along the roots of your teeth? Disrupting them on a regular basis is the only way to halt and prevent gum disease. Many of our patients come in for their checkup and preventive cleaning as often as every three to four months.


Preventive care is key to long-term oral heath. We feel very strongly about faithfully carrying out the Caries Management by Risk Assessment (CAMBRA) protocols. Each patient is thoroughly screened for cavities and risk factors that contribute to tooth decay, so that we can provide personalized education and preventive therapies to reduce enamel damage. In fact, Dr. Chrispens has worked with NASA research scientists to develop anti-cavity mouth rinse for astronauts!

Periodontal Treatments

Illustration of how they check gum health to help fight gum disease as part of preventive dentistry at John B Chrispens DDS in Newport Beach, CA.Should we see any areas of disease on your intraoral photos or digital x-rays, we will share those images with you and discuss a plan of action to treat the infection.

Part of your examination will include a detailed measurement of the pockets around your teeth, as this indicates areas where gum tissue has detached or bone loss has occurred.

In some cases, all that’s needed is a very good cleaning, but if there are multiple 5mm or deeper pockets present, a scaling and root planing will be necessary.


Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure allows us to obliterate inflammation and infectious bacteria in order to trigger new attachment between your teeth and gums. After we’ve eliminated the infection we clean the pocket areas and use the laser to “seal” the sterilized area to halt active periodontitis. Like a deep cleaning appointment, we generally use local anesthetic and treat one half of the mouth at a time.

Grafting/Oral Surgery

Periodontal disease can cause the jawbone to lose bone density, and thus become too weak to support a dental implant. In cases like this, Dr. Chrispens may recommend bone grafting (also known as natural bone regeneration) to promote healthy bone growth and to restore the integrity of your jawbone. After the graft, new bone will naturally regenerate and in many cases becomes strong enough to support a dental implant.

Custom Nightguards

In today’s fast paced world, many of our busy patients are not even aware that stress is causing them to clench and grind their teeth at night until we point out signs of this habit during their check-ups, or until they develop negative symptoms involving the temporomandibular joint. Don’t wait until you wear down the enamel of your teeth to ask our dentists about custom nightguards to protect your smile’s longevity!

Learn More About Gum Disease

If you have bleeding gums and want to know if there’s a problem related to your periodontal health, you can request a five-minute complimentary gum evaluation at any time. Should disease conditions be present, we will recommend a comprehensive examination and x-rays to determine the course of treatment.

If you’d like to know more about autoimmunity and health of your mouth, please read our blog post on the subject. In addition, in the video below Dr. Chrispens explains the dangers of gum disease.

Questions About Our Preventive Dentistry Services?

Don’t let poor gum health destroy your smile’s future. Contact our dentists in Newport Beach today to schedule your next visit.

At the office of Dr. John B. Chrispens and Dr. John Evans, we provide comprehensive general dentistry including restorative and implant dentistry of all types.

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