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Over 30 Years of Creating Healthy Smiles

At John B. Chrispens DDS & Associates, we believe in providing the most successful treatment solutions using a variety of dental services to our patients, and in doing things right the first time. We combine decades of experience with the best in dental technology to deliver accurate, efficient, quality oral health solutions to patients of all backgrounds.

We provide your entire treatment in our office without having to refer you out – even for advanced procedures like dental implants. Our entire dental team and lab are all under one roof, optimizing collaboration, efficiency, and the quality of your care.

View of a treatment room where dental services are provided at John B. Chrispens, DDS Inc. office in Newport Beach, CA.Explore state-of-the-art dental services like:

A Patient-Centered Approach

Both John Chrispens, DDS and John Evans, DDS have long and distinguished careers in dentistry. In service to providing our patients with the best and most recent methods and technology in modern dentistry, our doctors are committed to completing continuing education every year. Both of our dentists are military veterans, bringing strong ethical expectations and high performance standards to our practice.

Our dentists believe in truly getting to know our patients. We only book one patient at a time, in order to give you the quality time with your dentist that you deserve. We listen, and do not hurry you through your appointment. Our doctors take into account your individual history and work collaboratively with you to realize your dental health goals.

A Progressive Approach for Meticulous Results

Our Newport Beach dentists utilize advanced technology and resources to maximize the health of your natural tooth structure and maintain your original teeth. Not only is this better for your smile, but it makes your dental care safer, better, and more comfortable. We implement extensive screening protocols to reduce your risk of additional oral health problems in the future.

As a total care practice, we’re able to provide comprehensive dentistry in one location, without making you feel rushed in-and-out or referred to multiple different providers. We can even complete more complex procedures in a single visit, while you relax with the help of our sedation options.

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