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Same Day Relief With An Emergency Dentist Appointment

One of the biggest things we see in Newport Beach is how many people seek dental care from an emergency dentist from their local emergency room (such as the one at nearby UC Irvine Hospital.) Unfortunately, medical facilities are not equipped to, or capable of, treating tooth related problems. All they can do is prescribe a temporary medication to mask the symptoms until pain and swelling return.

Woman holding the side of her face due to tooth pain and looking for an emergency dentist in Newport Beach, CA.Unless you have a broken jaw, severe facial swelling, or uncontrollable bleeding, your best option is to see a dentist for your dental emergency.

Same Day Emergency Dental Care

John B. Chrispens DDS & Associates provides same day emergency care to get you out of pain as quickly as possible. Some of the most common dental emergencies that we see involve tooth pain, periodontal abscesses, swelling, and abscessed teeth.

If You’re Calling Us After Hours…

All emergency dentist calls are forwarded to Dr. Chrispens’s or Dr. Evans’s personal cell phone. Your call will be answered or returned in a timely manner so that we can talk you through what steps to take in your urgent situation.

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Replacing your missing teeth is more comfortable than ever, thanks to our comprehensive Newport Beach dental implant solutions.

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